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Tel Aviv’s Modern Movement Traveling Exhibition

The exhibition ”Tel Aviv’s Modern Movement” debuted at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in 2004, as part of the celebrations marking the designation of the White City of Tel Aviv as a World Heritage Site. 

The exhibition and accompanying catalogue address the development of Tel Aviv from neighborhood to city; the urban fabric and the Tel Aviv street; European influences on local architecture; the evolution of a local architectural language; and urban renewal.

The exhibition functions as an ambassador for the city of Tel Aviv and the State of Israel, with an itinerary including such diverse venues as Montreal, Canada; Mendrisio, Italian Switzerland; Lausanne, French Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Rome, Italy; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris & Le Havre, France; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; etc.


Prof. Arch. Nitza Szmuk

Associated curator

Arch. Tal Eyal


Noa Karavan-Cohen, Smadar Timor